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Becoming our best selves a challenge for each of us

By Gerry Chidiac / July 25, 2017 /

In the film “The Lion King”, young Simba is visited by the spirit of his…

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An open and shut case: how the backfire effect closes minds

By Gerry Chidiac / July 18, 2017 /

In the world today, we see conservative news programs where hosts shout down the opposing…

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Satisfaction comes with sharing other people’s joy

By Gerry Chidiac / July 11, 2017 /

Having worked in education for over 30 years, I consider myself to be one of…

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Charting an inclusive, nurturing future for all Canadians

By Gerry Chidiac / July 4, 2017 /

As Canada celebrated 150 years as a country, it became very clear that not everyone…

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