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Tackling conflict in the Middle East cauldron

By Gerry Chidiac / January 25, 2018 /

As a third-generation Arab-Canadian, I’ve long been troubled by the conflicts in the Middle East.…

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Forever young: idealism is the fountain of youth

By Gerry Chidiac / January 18, 2018 /

Longtime consumer rights advocate Ralph Nader recently said in a radio interview, “The only true…

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The moral roadblock at the end of ethical shortcuts

By Gerry Chidiac / January 11, 2018 /

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal,” author and radio personality Earl Nightingale tells…

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Free speech: Be open to debate or become irrelevant

By Gerry Chidiac / January 4, 2018 /

Hanna Holborn Gray, former president of the University of Chicago, said, “Universities should be expected…

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