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How to confront sex abuse in the Catholic church

By Gerry Chidiac / August 30, 2018 /

In the song Sympathy for the Devil, the Rolling Stones repeat several times, “Pleased to…

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Fairness should be at the heart of electoral reform

By Gerry Chidiac / August 23, 2018 /

In a recent address on proportional representation (PR), Guy Giorno, one of Stephen Harper’s former…

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Polarization is a myth – we just need to break down the barriers

By Gerry Chidiac / August 16, 2018 /

American actor Alan Alda recently said, “I’m not really listening unless I’m willing to be…

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Follow the leader: the keys to a legendary coach’s success

By Gerry Chidiac / August 9, 2018 /

Mike Krzyzewski said, “When a leader takes responsibility for his own actions and mistakes, he…

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Suffering and death have meaning … of the deepest significance

By Gerry Chidiac / August 2, 2018 /

Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote, “It’s the great mystery of human life that old grief…

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