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Taking responsibility for past wrongs and lifting a veil of secrecy

By Gerry Chidiac / February 28, 2019 /

The Dalai Lama recently stated, “I feel optimistic about the future because humanity seems to…

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Getting the most out of life by being your best

By Gerry Chidiac / February 21, 2019 /

For 30 years, Gillette used “The best a man can get” as its tagline. It…

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The lessons we can all learn from the brave women of the Congo

By Gerry Chidiac / February 14, 2019 /

Canadian Gen. Romeo Dallaire stated, “At its heart, the Rwandan story is the failure of…

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The world needs what you have to offer

By Gerry Chidiac / February 7, 2019 /

In the world of education, we’re preparing our students for an uncertain future. Some of…

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