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Love is all you need

Love is all you need

Life is filled with challenges, and we are always looking for answers.  We often turn to popular culture for simple solutions.  The Beatles told us, “All you need is love, love.  Love is all you need.”

The difficulty with this credo is that love has many different meanings and interpretations.

It is nonetheless very clear that many great leaders, people like Gandhi, King, and Mother Teresa, possessed a deep love for all humanity.  This was an enduring love that lasted through hardship, frustration and even oppression.

It is interesting to note that these were also very spiritual people who felt loved by a higher power.  When one truly feels loved, one cannot help but to love and forgive others.

It is important to note, however, that forgiveness is not forgetting.  These leaders also had a deep sense of moral justice.

One will also notice that they normally spent a period of every day in some form of contemplation. This is what author Stephen Covey refers to as “sharpening the saw.”

What does this mean for the rest of us?  Can we really make a difference by simply loving?

The answer is yes, but we need to give time to being loved.  This could mean practicing a religion, walking in nature, writing in a journal, practicing yoga, participating in a sweat lodge ceremony, or hundreds of other meaningful activities.

The media often tells us to surround ourselves with stuff and to keep our stuff protected.  While possessions are nice, we need to remember, “three things will last forever – faith hope and love – and the greatest of these is love.”

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