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Christy Brown (and others)

Christy Brown (and others)

When asked how important family has been on his life journey, motivational speaker Nick Vujicic (VOO-yee-cheech )replied, “It was THE most important factor.  I’m very thankful that they loved me, challenged me to never give up, try new things, and often gave me godly advice.”

What is unique about Vujicic is that he was born without any arms or legs, and has gone on to travel the world and inspire others with his message of hope and empowerment.  The fact that he attributes so much of his success to his parents and family is not unique.

Irish writer Christy Brown was born in 1932 with severe cerebral palsy.  Medical professionals urged his parents to have him institutionalized.  His parents refused, however, and Brown went on to write the autobiographical My Left Foot, as well as Down All the Days, which the Irish Times called, “the most important Irish novel since Ulysses.”

More recently, Canadian Carly Fleischmann was diagnosed as a toddler with autism and a condition which makes her unable to speak.  Surrounded by her devoted family, however, she began using a computer keyboard to communicate with others at the age of 10.  What she was able to reveal has been ground-breaking, enlightening the world to the challenges faced by a person with severe autism.

The key lesson that Vujicic, Brown and Fleischmann teach us is to never underestimate the potential that lies within each person, nor the love of their parents.

The talents of a person may be hidden like a buried treasure, but there can be no doubt that if we dig, we will indeed find a precious gift of great value.

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