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High grades for Canadian students, high praise for their teachers

High grades for Canadian students, high praise for their teachers

A recent article in the BBC referred to Canada as “An Education Superpower”. They put is in the same echelon as countries like Finland and Singapore.

The article drew primarily from results of the Programme for International Student Assessment, a study performed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The results are rather surprising, given that Canada is a vast and varied country where each individual province and territory establishes its own policies and practices.

Several positive aspects of our schools were pointed out, including the fact that we do an amazing job welcoming and integrating new Canadians into our society. Indeed, these students tend to do very well in our schools.

Tying in with this is what the BBC article refers to as “a common commitment to an equal chance in school.” There is, therefore, a system in place to improve literacy and to help our students who are struggling. As a result, there is a relatively small gap between “advantaged” and “disadvantaged” students (in our school system), especially when compared to other countries.

What drives our schools to be so good? For one thing, there seems to be a high level of professionalism among teachers. The public demands this, as do our own institutions.

As Canadians, we can be proud of our schools, and proud of the investment that we make in our children. We have developed a system which not only works, but is constantly improving to meet the needs of the whole child, and adapting to an ever-changing world.

Though we may have always known that we do excellent work, it is affirming to see our efforts recognized globally.

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