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Practicing mindfulness can reap benefits

Practicing mindfulness can reap benefits

One of the fruits of regular meditation is something called “mindfulness”, meaning basically that we are more aware, aware primarily of our own thoughts and feelings, but also aware of the world around us and the task at hand.

A number of leading corporations have begun using mindfulness training with their employees, top athletes use it, and studies have also found that teachers who use if are more effective in the classroom.

How does one achieve mindfulness? Historically, this has been done through forms of meditation. Today techniques are taught which are not part of any religion. It has also been found that technology can be used to enhance and even accelerate the benefits of meditation.

I tried one of the technologically assisted forms a number of years ago. I listened to sounds which brought me to deeper and deeper levels of meditation. I was astounded at the benefits. Every aspect of my life, including my teaching, improved.

I recall an incident in my classroom with at-risk students. One young man was acting up and another student found that quite annoying. He said, “Chidiac! How can you stay so calm when he’s acting that way?” I turned to him, and replied, “I meditate.” Then we all had a chuckle.

What is beautiful about the age that we live in is that we are not only aware of the benefits of developing mindfulness, we are also aware that there are many ways to achieve it.

When we find what works best for us, we can use mindfulness to not only improve our lives but to change the world in ways that we never thought possible.

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