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Archive for February 2017

Let’s give electoral reform a chance

In the last federal election, Justin Trudeau expressed the need for electoral reform in Canada. He recently announced, however, that he would not follow through on this promise. Trudeau stated that this is not an important issue to Canadians. However, 44% of Canadians support electoral reform, while 32% do not have an opinion one way…

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Aboriginal pride shining through in school system

In 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized to the Aboriginal peoples of Canada for the crimes committed against them in the residential school system, but it is sometimes difficult to see where this has made any difference. Prince George has more Aboriginal students than any other school district in British Columbia. Our administrators have been…

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Seeing beyond the lies of racism

In the months before the start of World War II, over 900 Jews boarded the SS St. Louis in Hamburg harbour in hopes of escaping the racism of Nazi Germany. The ship was destined for Cuba, but once it arrived, passengers were not allowed to disembark. Efforts to land in the Dominican Republic, the United…

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