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Archive for May 2017

Truth will triumph – but not without our help

There is a Hindu saying, “Truthfulness alone constitutes the spiritual discipline of the Kali Yuga.” As we study the beliefs of our sisters and brothers, we realize how universal wisdom always points to truth. The Kali Yuga, the age of the goddess Kali, is a time of death and destruction, but also a time of…

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Shaping our future through public education

The twenty-first century is a fascinating time to be a teacher, and there are amazing things happening in British Columbia schools for many reasons. First of all, funding for schools does not vary from one neighbourhood to another. The result is that some of our best teachers are drawn to schools with children with high…

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Laughing in the face of despair and tragedy

Humourist Paul Lowney said, “Laughter has no foreign accent.” Humour is a beautiful thing, and it really does sound the same, no matter what language we speak. It breaks down the walls that divide us and brings us together, building empathy and understanding. Preliminary research is also demonstrating that laughter has tremendous health benefits. It…

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