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Which inner wolf will you feed – good or evil?

By Gerry Chidiac | November 7, 2019

Not long ago in my Social Justice 12 class, we were discussing a particular genocide when one of my students drew our attention to the Cherokee legend of The Tale of the Two Wolves. In this story, a child who was wronged comes to his grandfather for advice. The elder tells him that in every…

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The joy of being multilingual

By Gerry Chidiac | November 3, 2019

English is a dominant language in the modern world. It is the language of international business and popular culture. People around the world want to learn English. Many English speakers, in fact, feel no need to study other languages. And even English speakers who travel a great deal often get by without needing to learn another…

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Imagine the future to find meaning in your suffering

By Gerry Chidiac | October 31, 2019

It’s said that successful people aren’t those without problems, they’re simply those who deal effectively with their problems. This is an easy claim to make but what does it really mean? Stephen Covey, the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, tells us that between stimulus and response there’s a gap and it’s in…

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Learn to follow your conscience to find faith and love

By Gerry Chidiac | October 24, 2019

It seems that nothing in the world has caused more war and destruction than religion, yet many of the greatest leaders embraced spirituality as a central source of their strength. How do we come to understand this apparent dichotomy? Perhaps the issue is that people have created religion to understand the deeper spiritual nature of…

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Raise your voice by casting your vote

By Gerry Chidiac | October 17, 2019

I always get very excited at election time. This is the moment when we can freely choose who will represent us, the moment when we play a vital role in the direction of our government. As I read statistics on voter turnout, however, I’m confused as to why others don’t share my enthusiasm. Perhaps I…

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Learn to recognize destructive leadership and respond

By Gerry Chidiac | October 10, 2019

The great German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “By seeking and blundering we learn.” How true this is. If we take the time to understand our mistakes, life is rich on so many levels. No individual is immune to error. When we examine why things didn’t work out as we hoped, can find new…

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Rising from the ashes to achieve greatness

By Gerry Chidiac | October 3, 2019

We all face disappointments and challenges. We don’t get picked for a team, we don’t get a promotion, we’re turned down by a potential lover or we see a dream come to an end. What’s important in life isn’t what happens to us, however. It’s how we respond. Great people aren’t without problems. They’re people…

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Judge Trudeau on his full dossier, not just a few past incidents

By Gerry Chidiac | September 23, 2019

Justin Trudeau caused a stir when photos and videos were revealed of him darkening his face to pretend to be characters of other ethnicities. But there are far broader issues to consider in this scandal. Green Party leader Elizabeth May stated, “I am deeply shocked by the racism shown in the photograph (from 2001) of…

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Embrace higher ideals to truly change the world

By Gerry Chidiac | September 19, 2019

A study of history exposes many mistakes mankind has made. But we also see many great successes. What creates this difference? At the core of each person, there are guiding principles. We innately know that love, kindness, humility, truth and compassion are paramount, and our ability to embrace these ideals impacts the direction of the…

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A rising tide of young, principle-driven leaders

By Gerry Chidiac | September 12, 2019

The Dalai Lama recently tweeted, “I am encouraged to see young people trying to bring about positive change. Confident because their efforts are based on truth and reason – therefore they will succeed.” As one who works with young people, I find these words so encouraging, and I look around me and see that they’re…

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"I get constant feedback from readers who look forward to hearing from you with some inspirational words in the midst of the often troubling news of the day."

Editor, Prince George Citizen

"Thank you, Gerry Chidiac, I have read and appreciate your columns. We don't always agree, but they often cause me to reflect and consider a different prespective than I might have."

MLA, Prince George Valemount

"Someone who gets it ... finally!!"

Toronto Blue Jays

"This letter is my attempt to express my gratitude and appreciation for Gerry Chidiac's column Lessons in Learning. I have experienced major upheaval in my life this past year with much still to do yet and I regularly receive inspiration and comforts from what he writes. I feel that he certainly deserves to know how much he is helping at least one person. Thank you, Gerry, for sharing your wonderful wisdom."

Prince George, BC, Canada

"In this hour of our damaged world, we sorely need people like you to help us heal."

Holocaust Survivor, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

"I appreciate your work as a high school teacher and as a writer. Your civic engagement and your ability to share your voice with others is an admirable talent."

Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands

"I would like to express my appreciation to Gerry Chidiac for all of his wonderful columns! No matter how much the world grinds one down, his words always give me hope and raise my spirits!

Mr. Chidiac’s latest column was on Fred Rogers, of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”. To my fellow Citizen readers, if you have not yet read the column, please do!

No human being deserves to be worshipped! However, Fred Rogers is worthy of our respect, admiration and love. Thank you for reaching out to everyone in such positive and healthy ways!


—Valerie Breathet